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Are you losing valuable time trying to create the right employment documents? We can help! Our range of employment documents will help to save you time. You can discover our full collection of forms and letter templates below.

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Absence Self-Certification Form

For completion by employee after each period of absence.

Exit Interview Questionnaire

When employees leave, it is useful to understand their reasons and also their views on your Company. This questionnaire provides a useful set of questions about the individual's role, working conditions, relationships, and reasons for leaving.

Holiday Booking Form

A simple holiday booking form to allow employers to keep necessary records.

Job Description Template

Job descriptions help to set out what you expect from an employee and also form an essential tool at recruitment to identify the skills and experience required.

Job Offer

Outlining key employment terms to allow candidate to accept/reject prior to issuing full contract

Maternity Confirmation Letter

Covering key statutory provisions and arrangements to pregnant employee prior to maternity leave.

Performance Appraisal Form

Practical but simply and easy to use performance review structure for managers and employees to ensure they have a meaningful discussion

Termination Letter

Confirmation of termination – reasons, dates, process and practical arrangements.

Training Agreement – Reclaiming Fees

Employers may need to invest in their staff development to ensure they have the right skills for the job – if an employee leaves, you may reserve the right to reclaim some or all of the costs of the training if mutually agreed in advance – this agreement sets out those arrangements.

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