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You’ll find a wide range of policies here – some of which you may never need. Some of our clients like to be organised for every eventuality, others keep on coming back whenever they need something new! Use our policies for peace of mind that they are legally sound and easy to use to suit your business needs. Still not found what you’re looking for – please let us know and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

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Shared Parental Leave Policy

Following the introduction of the Shared Parental Leave Regulations in 2014, this policy provides a practical guide to implementing procedures should you receive a request.

Social Media Policy

Hot topic! With an increasing number of Employment Tribunals in this area, employers should have clear guidance for employees in use of social media channels at work.

Special Leave Policy

There are many reasons an employee may not be able to attend work, other than sickness. This policy attempts to cover these circumstances and how to manage them, in accordance with statutory provisions. Includes jury service, bereavement and emergency leave.

Whistleblowing Policy

How to handle whistleblowing – employees are obligated to report any wrongdoing they witness at work if they believe it to be in the public's interest. They must not be treated unfairly by having come forward.

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